Happy Birthday Sister

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Sister, be elegant and soft, like a slender lily, cute and modest, like a little forget-me-not, charming, like a gorgeous rose! May the reserves of kindness, energy, optimism, and zest for life be filled! Happy birthday!

My wonderful and best sister in the world, happy birthday! Today you become a little older, but the years can not control your desire for life and determination! I want you always to stay cheerful. Let all your wishes come true!

Sister, may your bright eyes always look only to a happy future, may all the paths you take lead you to success, may all your companions be kind, sensitive, and influential people, and may all the turns of life lead to a better side.

Sister, happy birthday! Let the hurricane of happiness overwhelm you, swirl you in a whirlwind of smiles, wishes and compliments. Let a flurry of incredible, pleasant emotions make your beauty charming, heart - in love, and life - beautiful, blooming and happy.

My beautiful sister, happy birthday! As an experienced florist, let the bright life present you with a magical bouquet, where the gorgeous greenery of love surrounds this composition of admiration and beauty!

On this beautiful day, when you, my sister, were born, loneliness left me forever. On your birthday I wish you a great happiness, like an endless ocean, , and in it - joyful splashes of luck, stormy waves of love, shining bursts of victory, boundless optimism, and peace of mind.

Let your eyes shine brighter than the northern lights, your smile surprises with radiance, and your legs want to dance, because today, dear sister, is your birthday! Accept my wishes of great joy, chic mood, brilliant success, and a life full of adventures and unforgettable moments! Congratulations with all my heart!

I want you to be a fashion legislator, show off your outfits, excite your rivals, and excite guys' imagination. Happy birthday, my beautiful sister! I wish you always to be a weather forecaster of your soul and set sunny weather for it with lush, blooming flowers, birds' joyful chirping, and the glow of a magical rainbow.

My beloved sister, I wish that this morning the sun would kiss you tenderly on your freckles, that only for you, the birds would sing happily, and the flowers outside the window would bloom. May this day be the most fabulous and magical.

All the birds, all the flowers, all the butterflies today delight the world with their beauty, as our beloved sister pleases the whole world because today is her birthday! Our darling sister, always be such intelligent and inquisitive girl!

My faithful friend, my sister, I am happy to be your brother, receive your advice, admire your beauty, and rejoice in your jokes! May all your positive qualities not be exhausted! Happy birthday!

Sunny days, shooting stars to have time to make wishes, beautiful events, unusual events, the gorgeous flowers - all this and more I wish my sister on her birthday!

I wish you a sea of positivity, an ocean of fulfilled wishes, fast career growth, professional competence, positivity, creative impulses, success in all planned plans, dear sister!

Let the smile never leave your lips, let your eyes sparkle with happiness, let you have a suitable outfit in your wardrobe for every important event, make all your dreams come true, my princess!

I wish my sister the most beautiful flowers, the most sincere wishes, the most loving husband, the most obedient children, the most faithful friends with great pleasure and love. Happy birthday!

My sunny bunny, my sister! I was looking forward to meeting you; it was great to share my childhood with you, to teach you everything I knew and could do myself, you became a faithful and reliable friend for me, I will always be with you, know that you can always rely on me, happy birthday!

There is no sweeter and more beautiful than our sister! Dear and beloved sister, we hasten to congratulate you on your birthday, hug you, and wish you to move in the right direction, carry out your plans, love, and be loved!

My ray of light, my planet, my star! Happy birthday to you! Sister, you are the most beautiful person, you are still such a little, but you have already won so many hearts with your charm, grow big and healthy, please us with your achievements, be positive and interested!

My little one, I can't look at you, you are so beautiful and sophisticated, and especially today because you have a birthday! Grow well, study well, rejoice in all the little things, get and be able to create vivid emotions and memories!

My dear girl, my princess, congratulations! Do not rush to become an adult; it is better to stay the same carefree baby longer; let the world around you give only positive emotions and discoveries!