Happy Birthday Boy

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Happy birthday, my little boy! Be like a hero, like a superman! Let all the girls admire your courage and bravery, and let dad and mom indulge you by goodies and hugs!

Grow big; find your place in life, and do not be afraid of anything! Rely on dad and mom, and kind friends, and prepare yourself to be support for loved ones in the future!

Today is your day! I wish you pleasant surprises, meetings with loyal friends, smiles, and a cheerful mood. Feel free to make a good wish, and it will surely come true!

I wish you more fun and carefree days! May luck accompany you every step of the way, not letting you be disappointed in life for a moment! Your loyal and reliable friends will be near, and help cope with sadness! Be stronger than a tree and healthier than a bull! Happy birthday, dear boy!

Happy birthday, my boy! Your life path is still very short, but you have already learned a lot! I wish you to grow into a strong and healthy man, protect your mother, grandmother, and prove that you are a gentleman. Study well and amuse the elders!

You are a future defender, astronaut, or pilot! Let the childhood play and make noise and let your youth rush on wings. You don't have to worry about adult life yet, be carefree like a child. Happy birthday, my boy!

I always want you to be curious, not parting with pranks and fiction, striving for independence, showing your skills, and becoming smarter every day. Let the fun and enthusiastic games develop your skills you will need in your life. Happy birthday!

If you wish to realize your dreams on your birthday, then there are two options - either the school will burn down, or the summer will not end. I wish you a good mood from my greetings.

Our wonderful boy, on this joyful birthday, we wish all your childhood dreams come true. Let the bright sun shine, delicious ice cream never ends, and mom and dad will always be with you! Don't be afraid to be robust, agile, and honest! Be an obedient son and a faithful friend. Happy birthday!

Congratulations on your birthday! I want your life to be full of exciting meetings and acquaintances, bright days, fresh ideas, and incredible dreams. May every day be happy, joyful and bright. Don't worry about the little things and remember that we love you!

Today we congratulate on the birthday of our naughty boy, our joy and pride! Carry your charm and spontaneity through the years, becoming a wise and strong man. And let everything you want is coming true!

Today is the birthday of our glorious hero, our boy. We sincerely wish him to be brave, healthy, and agile. May your life be bright and cheerful, joyful, full of pleasant surprises. Be healthy and happy!

I wish you good luck and a happy life, my boy. I want flowers to grow on the paths you follow. I wish you a bright sun and warmth in life. Let every step of yours be an incredible adventure in life. Happy birthday!

Today you made the world happy with your birth, and my life changed completely. Happy birthday, my dear boy. No matter how many years pass, you will always be my little angel. No one but I can wish you more happiness, because when you are happy, I am also happy, and to see you happy is my joy. Happy birthday!

From the day you came into our lives, our dear boy, we are glad to see how you grow and become a great person every day. Today I can say with confidence that my dream has come true. Congratulations on your birthday!