Happy Birthday Son

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My son, dear, I wish you a happy birthday! Let unusual events, beautiful people, and big smiles will fill you every day. Do not grieve, be always healthy, and remember your relatives, dear!

Son, dear. I want so badly that your destiny is happy, that you never get sick, and people around will always help. Happy birthday!

My favorite son! I want your life to be full of emotions and impressions! May the people around you give you love and understanding! Do not pay much attention to the annoyances and sadness that may meet you on the way! Overcome all the problems and difficulties! Let your way of life depend only on you because you build it yourself!

Son! You are already a grown boy, but I want to tell you to remember that you forever remain our little son and all your victories, joys, and successes - happiness for us, and all failures and losses are our sorrows. Happy birthday!

My boy, my precious son! You are growing faster and faster every day, I love you very much and congratulate you on your birthday! Make us happy with your smiles and loud laughter!

Our baby, our son! Grow up smart, mischievous, curious, and obedient boy! Don't forget to please your mom and dad with your best smiles in the world! And we promise to help you in everything you try to achieve!

My dear boy, let me congratulate you on your holiday! I want to wish you a positive view of the world, the same ray of sunshine that always breaks through these, even the blackest and most formidable clouds and illuminates the whole world around you as you are now!

You are our hope and pride; you are our son! Today is your birthday! Exactly x years ago, you were born and were such a tiny and defenseless, and now an adult and independent man, we are happy to be your parents! Promise to be happy, healthy, and successful in all endeavors!

Dear son! We all gathered at this table to celebrate your birthday, and say our sincerest congratulations! The most important thing - be happy and healthy. To see your happiness is the greatest joy in our lives. Never be sad or upset; know that everything that happens is not in vain and makes sense. Learn from others' mistakes and try not to make their own!

Our son! You have already become quite an adult, strong, handsome, smart, courageous - a real man and protector! Let your dreams come true. All the doors you want to enter open. Know that everything is on your shoulders, try, and everything will work out!

Beloved brawler, our smart and the best baby, we are so happy to be your mom and dad! You irradiate our lives with light and happiness, do not stop doing it! Grow strong and healthy, study and explore this world, and remember that we are ready to aid! Happy birthday!

Our treasure, there are always reasons for pride in you because you are our heir! We love you very much and wish you carefree and fabulous moments, health, and magic!

Beloved son! On this beautiful holiday, I want to wish you everything you want, be healthy, brave, strong, conquer all obstacles along the way, and not be afraid; you will succeed!

Happy birthday, our little battery of happiness! You are our joy, a source of pride, happiness, a ray of light, and goodness! Thank you for coming to us, our boy! Stay the same handsome and bright man and only multiply your positive traits!

My precious diamond, my son! You have become even smarter and more courageous! On your birthday, I want to tell you that I am very proud of you! I am sure that warmth and whirlwind of emotions will fill your long life so that your companions will be: happiness, self-belief, luck, and success, wherever you go!

Dad's assistant, mom's joy! You always make us happy with your stay next to us every second and minute. Let you not be worried about illness, and every day brings only delighted moments and discoveries!

Our dear birthday boy, we want you to choose faithful and reliable friends, receive good marks in training, achieve the purposes, and realize dreams! Remember that we love you and will always be with you, our baby!

Favorite man! I could not wait to see your eyes; now I can kiss and hug you, show you the whole world, tell all the fairy tales, show all the cartoons. Finally, I have this opportunity, and I'm infinitely happy! Happy birthday, my little son!

Our superhero, our little man! Accept my heartfelt wishes. Always be healthy, patient, enduring, happy, purposeful, and happy. Let all your dreams come true, which you can only imagine. You are our reason for pride. We love you immensely!

Today is the day we celebrate your birth, our baby! I am infinitely grateful to fate for giving me such great happiness, such a small but such a big lump of light and warmth. Remain the same ray of hope for all of us!

I want to share the news with the whole world that my most important person - my son - has a holiday. It seems that yesterday were the first, completely uncertain steps, but now you are entirely independent and an adult, you grew up a man I am tirelessly proud of. Happy birthday, precious!

My dear boy, the joy of my soul! Let luck be a faithful friend in life so that she helps fulfill desires and achieve goals, so that mutual and great love, desired work and career, and countless happy, joyful moments break into your life!

My soul, my child! How quickly the time came when you grew up! Very soon, all the doors will open before you, choose the right path that will lead to the door that will open right in front of you. I wish you to make the right choice, not to commit reckless actions and mistakes! Be honest, faithful, fair, and wise. Happy birthday!

On this wonderful holiday, my baby, I want to give you this whole world, which is still huge for you. You still have so few years, but you know so much and learn everything new so quickly. Let everything come to you easily, and nothing upsets you!

Our native boy! Be radiant by happiness, the endless cause of our laughter, and the opportunity to see that joy and happiness are in you, in every moment next to you. Rejoice in each new day, make discoveries.

Our space boy, you are a joy and a light. Go towards happiness, good education, unusual hobbies, favorite profession, loyal friends, mutual love! Be healthy, purposeful, fearless, balanced, and happy; let all your cherished dreams come true!

Dear son, we hasten to wish you heroic health, the strength of spirit, excellent luck, kind heart, creative inspiration, luck, and success. Also, the fulfillment of cherished desires, the unwavering movement towards the set goals, so that there be only sensitive, faithful, and devoted people among your friends!

We want you to smile contagiously, laugh hard, learn about the world, gain strength, grow strong and healthy! We are confident that you will become a real man who can achieve everything!

My son is the culprit of the solemn event today! With great trepidation, I want to wish you excellent achievements in the profession, let there be more memories of travel, bright emotions so that all your most secret dreams and desires come true!

Happy birthday, son! I wish you to be wise in difficult life situations, sensitive to loved ones, purposeful in achieving goals. Let destiny please you with new opportunities every day; the world opens with new faces so that there is no place for boredom and laziness in life!

Dear son, we wish you that your life was not just as bright as fireworks, but full of meaning, like a book, pure as a mountain stream. Good luck to you, son!

My beloved, wonderful son, happy birthday! I wish that every positive step of yours becomes a part of the high road to incredible happiness, passing through beautiful peaks of success, valleys of spiritual harmony, charming gardens of love, murmurs of friendship and warmth of parental support!

My blood, son, let your eyes always shine with a smile, and all your thoughts are positive, let the changing fortune choose you so that you can quickly realize all your grand plans in real life and be happy.

My dear and beloved son, happy birthday! The best way of life for you - with victories and hopes. I want you to keep the child's crystal purity of soul for a long time, hope for a lucky chance, and gain wisdom and useful experience.

Dear son, happy birthday to you! Become stronger, learn well, quickly achieve your goals, and address any challenges. Be cheerful and purposeful, discover the bright colors of life, entertain us with smiles and success, be happy!

Son, today I want to cry, not from grief, but happiness without borders. You have become a little older, and it seems that you will remain a child forever. Native, beloved, kind, gentle, my dearest son on earth, I wish you such a destiny that you do not know the words "grief," "tears," and "sadness."

Beloved son, from the day you were born, the feeling of great happiness does not leave me, and today I congratulate you on your birthday! I wish you excellent health, boundless joy, mutual love, true friendship, inexhaustible optimism, dizzying successes, constant luck, brilliant achievements, a flourishing, beautiful, and long life.