Happy Birthday Girl

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Become the smartest, most beautiful princess, be curious and restless, like all children. Let any of your dreams come true! Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, the most beautiful and cheerful girl in the world! Enjoy this super special day with your friends, and ask for anything. Your wishes will surely come true!

Happy birthday, our little angel! Grow big, make mom happy, and fill your dad's heart with pride!

Happy birthday, princess! Be beautiful and excellent girl! Always be happy and cheerful. May your wishes come true!

Dear beauty, congratulations on your birthday! Be a kind and polite girl, let your parents always be proud of your success. Be a smart girl!

Happy birthday, my dear little girl! I wish you always to be a sunny, beautiful angel, to please the hearts of your loved ones with your beautiful smile!

Happy birthday, sweet little girl. I want you to be naughty, cheerful, but obedient, the most beautiful, smart, kind, and happy girl!

Dear girl, you are the bright light of my life! I wish you more bright days, happy meetings, faithful friends, and long exciting life!

How often will you stand at the crossroads, my girl! But let each time the inner voice of kindness, honor, justice, and love point in the right direction. Congratulations on your precious birthday!

Naughty jumper, lively girl! Here you are a year older, my favorite star! Let kindness reign around you, as in a fairy tale, and your laughter, like a mountain stream, flows loudly.

I wish you cosmic happiness and good luck, my little star! Girl, let your birthday be full of joy and full of smiles. May the path of your life turn into a broadway of success and luck!

Dear girl, you are quite an adult - but until recently, you were a small lump that brought so much joy and emotion to our family. May all children's dreams come true, and faith in a miracle always lives in your heart. Happy birthday to you!

I give a bundle of congratulations to the most charming and young princess in this world! Be cute as a teddy bear and smart like a science book! Grow up, flourish, be diligent in everything, and tender as usual! Let your life be sweet and endless, like fragrant vanilla chewing gum. And people melt with love for you like snowflakes in your warm, kind palms!

My little angel, let this day be the happiest. Let the sun warm you with its rays. Be healthy and fill this world with goodness and light!

Happy birthday! I wish you the coolest toys, the most fashionable things, the funniest girlfriends and the coolest hobbies. When I'm with you, I forget about boredom, resentment and bad mood, because you're a cool and pretty girl.

Girl, on your birthday, I want to wish you a Guardian Angel who will always be with you, protect, guard you, and rejoice in all your achievements and successes! And let everything in your life turn out correctly in the best way for you!

Let your life shine with new colors of new adventures, the laughter of cheerful companions, and the embodiment of decisive ideas. To make every day look different, fill it with good, clean deeds and exciting meetings. Happy birthday, sweet girl!

The mood today for zealous dances and merry songs, gifts, and flowers! May the light of your birthday, like the light of your eyes, bring great happiness. May my heartfelt love protect you!

Our girl is glorious! Happy birthday! Grow up healthy, smart, and kind. Be happy in business and legible with friends. Good luck with learning the world. And we wish to have the opportunity to braid braids and read fairy tales for you as long as possible. We love you, our little one, and hug you tightly.

I wish the banks of your happy days washed by rivers of prosperity and love! May the Almighty fulfill the desires of your heart and send you what you ask for! May great success be seen in your every endeavor, and may the mighty hand of God unceasingly protect your way of life from problems and troubles! Happy birthday, darling!

Happy birthday! May your heart always be filled with goodness, love, and gratitude. Remember that you are a particular person in this world! The Creator has excellent plans for you; this is a great mission that you need to accomplish.

Happy birthday to you, my dear girl! May you always be blessed! Lots of smiles and joy, gifts and sweets for you! May your days be like a fairy tale, kind, exciting, bright, and beautiful!

My dear ray of sunshine, happy birthday! May each new day bring you all the best, and all wishes come true! May this new year of your life be like one big holiday, full of happiness and joy!

Little princess, my favorite girl! Let the great Fairy come down to you on a pink cloud and present a cheerful and sweet holiday with chocolate trees, caramel flowers, and cotton candy clouds! Let your birthday be fabulous!

My little girl, I congratulatу you on this beautiful day in your life! You are the most beautiful, smart, and sweet girl. I will always be your defender and support you in any situation. I love you with all my heart. Happy birthday, my ladybug!

On a beautiful birthday, I wish the charming girl magic and fun! Let this day will be just fabulous! I want you to sincerely laugh, have fun, eat treats, and receive the desired gifts! I wish you endless smiles and bright fireworks!

Our little girl, today is such a beautiful day! On this day, you were born, and your parents gave me the great honor of being your godmother, for which I am infinitely grateful. And I wish to thank you for all your kind words. You are as positive, kind, and sensitive as a ray of light! Let these lights burn inside you always!

So many congratulations to you, gifts and flowers. All this for you with love! Let your endless optimism help you in life, and I will always lend you a helping hand. You are so smart and beautiful, stay that way until the end.

Here your next birthday! I remember, until recently, you were such a little girl, and today you are celebrating your 15th anniversary. Happiness to you, bright moments, and good luck! Be fun and beautiful as always!

Let the smile shine on your face every day. Let sincere friends do not leave you, and luck be your faithful companion! Our little girl, congratulations on this bright day!

Accept my congratulations on this beautiful day! It would seem that until recently, you played with dolls, and today - you are a year older, you are approaching adulthood. Let there will be no reason for sadness!

Bright, good girl, I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart! I wish you a great mood, success in business, surprises, and joy. You have everything ahead of you, so confidently go to the goal!

Our dear, congratulations on this joyful event - today is your next birthday! You are our pride, beloved in the world! Let your talents unfold like flower buds - beautifully and slowly. Good luck always with you!

I wish you all the wonders of the world, bright colors, and love! Let your life be filled with brilliant moments, and troubles are left behind. On this beautiful day, you will find a lot of exciting and magical!

Happy birthday, beauty! You have grown, but you never cease to please your parents, smile and flourish. I want you to be like that always and cry only from happy moments. And let all endeavors be crowned with success!

Congratulations to the beautiful princess! Rejoice every day. May you have as many fun events as possible. Remember that you are surrounded only by loving and dear people who will always support you in moments of sadness. Be proud, happy. Follow the path of destiny with confidence! Good friends on the road, successful studies, health, and love!

On this holiday, I want to tell you that I am very proud to have a bright man like you. You are an amazing girl. May all your dreams come true. Let there be a peaceful, cloudless sky above your head, and in your heart, there is joy, peace, and a feeling of female happiness.

I sincerely congratulate you on your birthday and wish you many beautiful moments! May your home always be full of close friends. Let all the wrong people stay in the past and never come back. Let each new year be even better than the previous one!

You have an extraordinary kindness: you are merciful, sincere, and patient. I wish you to meet a generous, rich in spirit person with whom you will be happy to share your dreams and fulfill them with love. Happy birthday, girl!

Let hundreds of enchanted eyes look after you; only sighs be heard behind you, not gossip and scathing phrases. Let the sun shines on you every day, despite the seasons and weather.

Congratulations on a beautiful holiday, your birthday! I wish you to remain as delicate, fragile, graceful, elegant, and charming as you have always been — successes to you, discoveries, more pleasant moments, and fun adventures.

Happy birthday, dear girl! I wish you sincere joy, unlimited fun, endless health, eternal beauty, incredible success, and a beautiful prince. And I want you to find a way to make dreams come true.

My dear girl, my ladybug, happy birthday! May your eyes always shine, may your beauty not fade. Do not change yourself in anything; you are already perfect and beautiful. I want to wish you health, good luck in everything so that every day becomes special for you, and your whole life turns into a magical fairy tale!

Dear friend, congratulations on your birthday! I wish you more pleasant evenings and fragrant tea. Let people smile at you more often. May each book be more interesting than the other; let each party left beautiful memories, and parents are always healthy, and finally, you meet your tremendous and pure love!

My dear girl, may your life be full of good smiles, faithful friends, exciting travels, incredible discoveries, the most exciting and most pleasant events, great love. Happy birthday! Make this day unforgettable!

Dear girl, I want to congratulate you with all my heart! May there always be warmth in your soul, and your beauty and tenderness will be like the first spring flowers. I want you to fly like a bird in the high sky, to smile and rejoice in this world every day. Happiness, love, and fulfillment of the most cherished dreams!

Happy birthday! I wish you to live in pleasure, enjoy every day, know the world, travel, and meet dawns with a smile. I want you to spend nights in the arms of a loved one and days in the circle of loyal friends, to continually discover something new and realize all your aspirations and desires!

Happy birthday, sweet girl! I always want you to be beautiful, charming, cute, stylish, creative, attractive, bright, positive, joyful, energetic, healthy, happy, and, most importantly - beloved. Happy holiday!

Congratulations to a beautiful, sweet, and kind girl today, and we sincerely want to wish you everything you would like to receive! Be it happiness, success at work, sincere, pure love, the health of loved ones, or exciting adventures. Let everything you want to come true. Happy birthday!

The sun shines all around, the laughter of loved ones spreads everywhere, and a sea of ​​flowers and gifts surrounds you. Today is your birthday! And on this day, I want to wish you only the purest and most sincere happiness, love, and health, and everything else will come with them!

My dear, sweet, and naive girl, happy birthday! I wish you success in life, let all difficulties bypass you, and all dreams come true. Let the birds sing in your soul, giving harmony and peace, and only love reigns around, tender, kind, and, most importantly - mutual!