Happy Birthday Godfather

Funny happy birthday wishes and message to, for my beloved and best, dear godfather of soul, quotes and cards, gif images and pics, prayer, wish, in heaven. Happy 40th, 50th birthday, 60th, 70th birthday godfather.

Happy birthday godfather, wishes to my funny godfather cards

Godfather, congratulations on your birthday! I wish you well-being in everything, prosperity, and development, ups and downs, and achievements. Be diligent, persistent, and healthy, attractive, and loved. I want you to get everything you want. Be happy!

Godfather, I congratulate you on your birthday! Let your family hearth be replenished with new emotions, tender feelings, care, trust, and refilled with a balm called "love." I wish you health, many colorful moments, huge profits, and positive notes for every day. May the rest always be pleasant and significant, work not a burden, and meetings always warm and sincere. Congratulations!

My beloved and dear godfather, accept greetings from the godson! On your birthday, I wish you muscular strength and excellent health, respect and good mood, success in activities, and good luck on achievements your goals, sincere joy of heart, and unearthly happiness of the soul!

Godfather, you do so much for us! We want to wish you endless health, success, and sincere love. Let life be easy and straightforward. Be just as courageous, kind, and brave! Never give up. We are with you! Happy holiday!

Well, my dear godfather, we have gathered again for an enjoyable occasion! It is a pity that the birthday happens only once in 12 months. We would gladly collect more often to wish you to be strong and healthy, cheerful and vibrant, loved and happy, send all big and small problems to other Galaxy, and catch luck on the doorstep every day!

Dear and beloved godfather! Happy to congratulate you on an important date! We want you to move towards the goal without slowing down! Change an old apartment for a new, bigger and better one, an old car for a new one - cooler and safer, and love only your wife, children, and godparents as we are! Be healthy and energetic for many years!

I'm lucky with you, godfather! Generous, kind, friendly, handsome, smart, agile, and responsive! Congratulations, always be like that!

My beloved godfather, happy birthday! I sincerely wish you great success, good luck, and many happy events: great mood, true romantic love, excellent health, and prosperity. May your dreams and cherished desires come true as soon as possible!

Dear godfather, I hasten to congratulate you on your birthday. No need to count the years, let every day be bright and joyful. Don't be discouraged and keep dreaming! Let longing and sorrow bypass you on the life road. I appreciate you!

My favorite godfather, on your birthday, I wish you great happiness, prosperity, good family relationships! Thank you for your love and support in awkward moments, for the necessary advice, for the joy you gave me. May your way of life be prosperous and exciting!

Godfather, happy birthday to you! Always stay so sunny, soulful and wise, be loved and love yourself, and let comfort and warmth present in your house. Let every day be filled with bright colors and a great mood, that everything that you planned was carried out. Health, luck, and incredible love!

Happy birthday to my dear godfather! Thank you for your wise advice and help in hard times. May we make each other happy for many years to come! Let your good wishes come true, and faithful colleagues and friends will help you with this! I wish you career heights, a strong family hearth, prosperity, and good luck!

Happy birthday, godfather! There is no limit to my respect for you and pride in the fact that my parents entrusted "godfather" to you. We have a warm contact with you throughout my life, we can rely on each other, and I appreciate it. I want you always to be an example to follow in my eyes, do everything right, and life will be easier!

Happy birthday, the world's best godfather! I respect and love you, my spiritual father and older friend, who will always support with wise advice. I sincerely hope that each new day will bring you only joy and good luck! Be healthy and happy, live a bright life with loved ones. Let your home please with comfort, give you warmth and spiritual harmony, and work always gives success and financial well-being!

Happy birthday, my godfather! Be the same cheerful and good-natured man. Let life flirt with new colors; the light will enter the soul and warm it. I kiss and hug you tightly!

Happy birthday, godfather! Let all your sores leave you, false friends and lack of perspective disappear. Ahead - only promising and realized plans, an extraordinary desire to move forward, acquire well-deserved gifts, and bonuses of fate!

Godfather, happy birthday! You are as strong as Hercules, as rich as Rothschild, and as intelligent as Socrates. Let the children not be very empty and let the wife always give light and love!

Dear Godfather, I want your great success, good health, stability, and mutual understanding of your birthday's loved ones and friends. May the guardian angel never leave you. Be young in body and soul, do not know despair and pity. Trust your intuition, and don't worry about the little things. Happy holiday!