Happy Birthday Mom

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Mom, happy birthday, dear! On this day, I want to wish you never to be sad, always to remain cheerful and purposeful. Charge everyone around with your smile and never be unhappy. I love you!

Mom, you are my main person in life! Everything I have in life is only thanks to you. I will do everything to make you happy and never know grief. I wish you, my beloved, happiness and health, long life, and success in all endeavors. I love you!

Mama, dear, and beloved, happy birthday! I love you more than anyone. You have everything: intelligence, wisdom, beauty, kindness, love, imagination, purposefulness, and confidence. I wish to add good luck and health to all this. Be happy, dear mother!

Mom, happy birthday! You are my most beautiful and beloved woman. I want to wish you real happiness every day. May the most sincere people be with you, behind whom you will be like behind a stone wall. I want to thank you for doing so much for me. May there always be a smile on your face, and the sun shines in your soul.

Mum, my little angel, years go by, different people meet along the way, but only you understand and support me. Only you can love and experience so sincerely. You gave me so much strength, so many days and nights.

The most precious thing in any person's life is their mother. Thank you, mother, for all the experience you have invested in us, for all the wisdom, that helped you to raise us worthy people.

Our dear mother, let each of your days begin with a smile, and we will try to be an occasion for it. Thank you for everything. Happy birthday, mom! We love you.

Mom is the closest and dearest person. Since childhood, there is an invisible thread that connects the mother and her child. You always share joy, sadness, your problems, and achievements with your mother. And only mother is so sincerely happy to help and comfort with a kind word. Happy birthday, mom!

Mum, today is an important day for our whole family - your birthday. You are the brightest and closest person in our lives. We wish you always have close people who can cheer you up in an awkward moment, that you never knew sorrow and trouble, that there was only a place for happy moments in your life.

Mom, congratulations on your birthday! You are my dearest and irreplaceable person. There are not enough words to express all my tenderness and love for you. Thanks for everything! Always remain purposeful, strong, and at the same time, a caring and fragile woman. Good health to you and a sea of happy days!

Mom, happy birthday! Thank you for your patience and wisdom. Forgive me for sometimes insulting you. I want to wish you the most important thing - good health. You are the best woman in my life!

Happy birthday mama! Only you can love and care so much. I want to hug you and keep your warm hands in mine. You are always sincerely happy and appreciate every moment of life. Today I want you never to be upset over trifles, not get sick, and dream more. I love your bright eyes and gentle smile. Be happy, my irreplaceable mama!

Dear and everyone's favorite mom! Today is your most important day, and I hasten to congratulate you. I want to wish you good health, happy days, and tender beauty. Let it make you happy every day, and a smile never disappears from your face! Thank you for the love and care you give. Congratulations on your birthday with all my heart, mom!

Dear mommy! Congratulations on your birthday! You always help and encourage us. Thank you for the life and love you give us every day. We wish you health, many years of a happy life, a sea of ​​happiness, and unforgettable days. May sunny smiles always illuminate your home, and you always remain the same caring and loving mother. You are the best mommy in the world! We love you!

My dear mother! Today is such a warm day, your birthday! I wish you immeasurable happiness, health, great love, and fulfillment of desires. May your life be filled only with beautiful emotions, good people, and happy days. Believe only in better and more dreams. Happy birthday, mom!

Mom, my dear, happy birthday to you! Thank you for your patience, for the best childhood you gave me. Forgive me if I ever hurt you. You are my dearest and most beautiful flower in life. On this day, I always wish you a good mood, joy in your eyes, and sunshine on your soul! Stay as beautiful and wise as you are now. Love you!

Happy birthday, my tender and beautiful mother! I hasten to wish you more fun real events and people that surround you on this beautiful day. Let the smile never leave your face. After all, only you deserve it!

Dear mama, happy birthday! You are my most precious person, and my love for you is priceless. On this day, I wish that your life was full of love, health, happiness, smiles, and pleasant surprises. Always remain so gentle, beautiful, and caring. Be full of the warmest feelings, amuse the whole family with your smile. I love you very much, mama!

My favorite, best mom in the world! I congratulate you on your wonderful holiday and wish that experience and wisdom come to you and energy, optimism, and well-being that all creative plans and the most secret dreams you skillfully realized.

My dear mum, you, like no one else in this world, have earned happiness - great and present, may it be with you always. I wish health and vigor, joyful moments, and beautiful events, luck, and love. Spiritual harmony to you, prosperity, and longevity!

My dear mother! Thank you for your kindness, for your care, for what you are! I want you to be an incurable and convinced optimist, with joy and hope to look ahead. May fate give you good news and surprises every day. Good health and inexhaustible energy to you!

Always smile - be light and tender, surprise everyone with beauty - be sweet and radiant! Never grieve, let stupid sadness pass by, and happy life will be filled with valuable understanding, significant achievements, and fun events! Happy birthday, precious mom!

My dear mom, the whole family congratulates you on your holiday. We sincerely say "thank you" for all the comfort you create for us and your boundless love. May your feminine happiness and peace of mind be just as endless. Be always a healthy, prosperous, beloved, and sweet mother.

My biggest dream is for you, mom, to live forever, for the light to always burn in your windows and for your beautiful eyes to shine with joy. I wish you, dear, never to know illnesses and sorrows, smile more often, and enjoy life every moment. Let your grandchildren give you energy, strength, and happiness. Happy birthday!