Happy Birthday Best

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Let each new day be similar to the previous one only in one thing - it will be the same happy! Joy, good luck and inspiration!

It is a great pleasure to congratulate a real man, a wonderful friend, and an interlocutor on his birthday. After all, you can talk about such a person for hours. 

You are no longer a stranger to me, so I cordially congratulate you on your birthday! You, like a candle, waste your warmth for others. I want you to be a real husband and father.

Happy birthday! The world would be different if you did not illuminate it with your presence. Thank you for your support and the manly strength that comes to the rescue so often! Never give up in this life! Always strive forward, and you will reach the goal! I wish you vivid impressions; may they come into your life and make it as bright and exciting as possible!

Happy birthday to you! May this birthday be genuinely fabulous, colorful, charming, give unusual gifts, and bring light and joy to your soul. Let it be one of the most memorable and amazing birthdays.

There are so many girls in the world, and they're all so different: beautiful, funny, and slender. But you are perfect, and on your birthday I want to wish you good luck. May the Lord never leave you, but always protect and preserve you! Let inspiration come to you every morning, and your soul sings with happiness. Happy birthday!

It is a special honor for me to congratulate such a young and beautiful girl on her birthday! Be always lucky, meet only good people! Let all your wishes come true! I wish you health and happiness!

I sincerely congratulate the most beautiful, sweet, charming and gorgeous girl on her birthday! You are the queen today, and it is your holiday. Let this day be the most special and best. May fate smile on you and give you many happy moments and brilliant meetings.

Congratulations on your birthday! I hope these words warm your heart and lift your spirits! May your beauty continue to illuminate everyone around you! May the most secret wishes come true, and fortune will please you in business! May good health be your constant companion for many years to come!

You are the sweetest and most charming girl on earth; you are smart, responsive, kind, and gentle person. Your eyes shine with love and devotion. So let your life always be happy and cloudless, cheerful, and carefree. Let the fairy-tale prince take you to the wonderland in a white limousine, and your house will turn into a magical palace. Let all dreams come true! Happy birthday, my dear!

My dear daughter, you were born today! I wish you to be the most beautiful and attractive woman. You have a good character, you are a sensitive and gentle daughter. Happy birthday to you!