Happy Birthday Granddaughter

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Why do babies grow so fast and turn into such beautiful girls? I wish you to learn a real female magic wand and start working miracles for your grandmother and parents' joy! And grandmother, as an experienced witch, will help you! Be happy, my girl!

Granddaughter, my dear beauty! On the day of your birthday, I wish you immeasurable happiness, to meet a worthy groom who can create a paradise and provide you with everything you need. Give birth to more great-grandchildren so that they will make us happy until the end of our days.

On your birthday, we wish you to become a princess, charming, kind, and wise! Let the princes sing serenades to you and compose poems! Please choose the most worthy groom and be happy with him all your life!

Let your life shine with new colors of new adventures, the laughter of cheerful companions, and the embodiment of decisive ideas. To make every day look different, fill it with good, clean deeds and exciting meetings. Happy birthday, dear granddaughter!

Every day I think and pray for you, my granddaughter. I am immensely proud of your success; I will support you in all endeavors. You are a signpost that gives me joy. I am your earthly Angel who protects you from the first days of life. Happy birthday!

My dear granddaughter, I hasten to congratulate you on the birthday! I wish you a sea of ​​positives, always stay the same fun and playful. Never encounter illness and bad weather in your life. Ever walk proudly with your head held high! And in the family, I want to trust, mutual understanding. Rejoice every day, bloom like a rose, be happy.

Granddaughter, happy birthday to you! I wish you new grand discoveries and, most importantly - passions and love in life. And more money, of course. Well, let the soul always be sunny, like in summer!

Happy birthday, my dear granddaughter! May your life be full of ups and downs, pure love without pain, honest friendship without betrayal, many years without drugs, dizzying drive without brakes. And, of course, unearthly happiness without end!

Dear granddaughter. For us, you are an angel you always want to look at, pamper, and rejoice in each of your new steps. Be happy, live this life so that everyone will envy and applaud you. Remember, we are not just your grandparents; we are your reliable support in all your endeavors.

Dear granddaughter, happy birthday! My most precious flower, I wish you to bloom even brighter every day, to become more beautiful. Let all your maiden dreams come true; your face never overshadows sadness. Good friends to you and a faithful, loving husband!

Granddaughter, may this holiday bring brilliant plans that will turn into your high achievements. Let success be your guide to life, bring you to a land of happiness, where fountains of love are beating, and fireworks of joy are exploding.