Happy Birthday SMS

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Happy birthday, dear woman! May all your dear and beloved people be near! Happiness to you and success in all endeavors! Do not be afraid of anything; you will succeed. The main thing is health, and the rest will be added!

Dear woman, happy birthday! I hasten to congratulate you and wish you always to remain so positive and never be sad! Be happy, be confident, purposeful, and self-sufficient!

My dear, today is your day, your holiday! I want you to find your happiness and purpose, which will be unique, charming, and attractive!

Congratulations on your birthday, my dear! You are the most amazing, beautiful, and just a good person! Thank you for being in my life! Be happy, and everything you want to wish yourself - let it come true!

Congratulations on your birthday! I wish you happiness in your personal life, good health, mutual love, immeasurable joy, and fantastic success! You are the best woman!

Congratulations on your birthday! I wish you many vivid impressions and amazing travels! Travel not only around the world but also in life! Conquer the unattainable goals! All the best to you!

Daughter, happy birthday! We wish you happiness, love, luck, health, success, and fulfillment of the greatest dream. Remember, we, your parents, will always be there and support you in everything!

My dear daughter, congratulations on your birthday! Always go through life with a smile, rejoice for every day, learn something new, travel more, and enjoy life!

My little girl, happy holidays to you! I wish that in your environment, there will be only good, devoted, and sincere friends with whom you will walk side by side on the path of life, to true happiness!

Daughter, happy birthday! May the sun of happiness always shine brightly in your life, only a warm breeze of luck blows, but the rains of sadness go by!

Daughter, you are my little ladybug! Congratulations on your birthday! Grow up big and happy, never deny yourself anything, love, and be loved!

My dear and beloved wife, congratulations on your birthday! Thank you for everything you do for our family! We love and appreciate you very much!

My dear and unique woman, congratulations on your birthday! I wish you all the best! I will fulfill any of your wishes!

My love, happy birthday to you! Thank you for our children, for sleepless nights, for care, for everything! You are my favorite, pleasant, desirable, radiant, and positive woman. Always stay that way!

My dear wife, congratulations on your birthday! Be healthy, happy, and cheerful! Thank you for your tenderness, sensitivity, and care! I appreciate and love you!

My love, I congratulate you on your birthday! I want your eyes to shine with happiness! I wish you health! I will always be with you and will make you the happiest woman in the world!

My dear mother-in-law, I sincerely wish you always to be healthy, active, positive, happy, and loved. Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday, my dear mother-in-law! I want to wish you good health and good mood. May there always be love in your marriage and harmony reign in your soul!

My dear mother-in-law, I wish you a happy birthday! I want you more exciting get-togethers, social care for your loved ones, and good health!

I am sincerely glad that of all the mothers-in-law in this world, I got you! Always remain the same kind, positive and pleasant woman. May there be only beauty in your life!

My wonderful mother-in-law, mom, I want to congratulate you and wish you health, many years, love, care from loved ones, and just happiness! Happy birthday!

Sister, you are my blood! Always remain the same strong and brave woman. Think more about yourself and surround yourself only with real friends. Happy birthday!

Sister, congratulations on your birthday! I wish you a stable family life, global beauty, and endless health. I will always be with you!

Dear sister, happy birthday! I remember all our children's toys, fun, lively games, and warm moments. Thank you for your kindness and love!

Sister, beloved and stunning! Let your positive mood accompany you through life, and only the closest and good people will be near you. Happy birthday!

Baby, congratulations on your birthday! You will always remain for me that little laughing sister, as in childhood. I wish you never to stop flirting, find more reasons to laugh, and never get sick!

My beloved, congratulations on your beautiful day! I want every day of life to be like a holiday that you never be tired of. Happy birthday!

Sister, happy birthday to you! I greet you and wish you life as in the best movie, a prince from a fairy tale, and the best days. I love you very much, darling!

My dear girlfriend, happy birthday to you! Let all troubles and sorrows bypass you, and near any moment, there will be close to you dear to heart people!

Girlfriend, happy birthday to you! Don't worry about trifles, live comfortably, and joyfully!

Dear friend, on this particular day, I wish you not to deviate from your life path and walk straight and right. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, darling! Remember - the whole world is at your feet. Love, improve, travel, and live for yourself.

Girlfriend, stay the same kind, honest, and, of course, beautiful. Never get sick and never lose your positive mood. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, friend! Thank goodness for meeting you, my dear. Life is much brighter and more positive with you. I love you!

Girlfriend, I greet and wish love, find your man and go with him through life long and fun. Happy birthday!

Dear girlfriend, happy birthday! Stay just as beautiful, cute, and charming. Make yourself and other people happy with your smile and shining eyes!

My darling, happy birthday! I want to wish, of course, the most important thing - health and happiness. Everything else - we will win!

Happy birthday, baby! May all your dreams come true when you blow out the candles - lots of gifts and fun. Make life one continuous holiday!

My baby, I wish you a prince on a white horse and everything you want for yourself. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! I want to wish today that everything planned has come true, that the past remains in the past, and later in life, you would walk with your head held high.

Dear, happy birthday! May your life be filled with charm and happiness. My dear star! Let everything always work out, stay the same independent and beautiful.

Grandma, happy birthday! Your warm hands, all the good you did to me, I keep in my memory. Thank you so much for everything you do for me!

Grandma, I hasten to congratulate you on an important day! Let the sun always illuminate your home, you never know grief and misery, and loved ones will call more often. Happy birthday!

Grandma, I wish you many happy moments in life, good health, and good, close people around. I love you very much. Happy birthday!!

Dear and so important, my grandmother! You are the main person in my life, and I want you never to miss the little things. Rejoice, live and enjoy, because you are still so young. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, dear grandmother! I wish that close people often made you happy, and you would smile and laugh more. Thanks for everything you did for me!

Grandma, congratulations! I want you to rest more, take care of your health, because it's so important. Thank you for giving us all your kindness and love. Happy birthday!

I also want to give positive and joy to everyone around. May health accompany you for a long time! Happy birthday!

Dear, I love you very much! Thank you for your kindness and care. Let everything you do makes you happy and warm and comfort reign in your life!

Dear, I wish you the fulfillment of cherished desires, a lot of joy, love, and happiness. Happy and beautiful day to you!

My darling, happy birthday! I am ready to give you the whole world, everything you want will be yours. I love you very much.

My dear, congratulations on your holiday! Thank you for the tenderness you give me. You deserve the best in this life!

On this day, I wish you many gifts and flowers, pleasant compliments, and warm greetings. You undoubtedly deserved all this! Happy birthday!

Today is a wonderful girl's birthday! I want to celebrate it with relatives and friends in love and care, joy, and positivity. Happy birthday!

My dear, congratulations on your birthday. I want you to be healthy, and I will bring happiness, love, and joy into your life!

Today is the birthday of an adorable girl! I want your life to turn into a fairy tale where you will find a prince and live happily ever after. Happy holiday!

My dear, happy birthday! May there be only sunny days, good people and a good mood in your life. Happy holiday to you!

I hasten to congratulate the beautiful girl on her birthday; I wish you happiness, joy, health, and great love!

Mom, happy birthday to you! Be always kind, healthy, sweet, and charming. Be always wanted and loved. I love you!

Happy birthday mom! You are the main woman in my life. I am proud to have such a mother. Only you will always support and help with wise advice. On this day, I wish you happiness, luck, and health!

Mom, I want to congratulate you on the best day of your life! Be beautiful, kind, and smart. I wish you good health and many reasons for joy!

Mom, you are my most important person! On this day, I want to wish you that the goldfish fulfilled all your desires, and you were always just as beautiful and happy!

Happiness, kindness, a whole sea of ​​tenderness, and a great mood! Mom, happy birthday to you! Be happy!

Mom, happy birthday to you! You have always been and will be my example for many years. Stay just as gentle, caring, and sensitive!

Mommy, you are my peace and my soul. On this day, I want to congratulate you and wish you good health, happiness, and prosperity. Happy birthday!

We wish you a lot of fun, good luck, and great success! Never give up and be ready for anything. Happy birthday, son!

Son, happy birthday! We want to wish you always to be honest, faithful, never forget your family. Meet more good people in life!

Little son, happy birthday! Happiness, earthly goods, and more. The main thing - be happy, son!

Dear son, I wish more smiles of loved ones and happiness in every inch. Happy birthday!

Son, congratulations! Now you are so big; time flies so fast. We value you very much. Let life please with its events and moments!

Son, we wish you well-being in life and never be upset over nonsense. Happy birthday!

Dear and beloved son, we want to congratulate you on your birthday! You grew so fast that we didn't even have time to look back. May all your wishes and dreams come true on this holiday!

Son, happy birthday! You are our pride, our ray of light in the window. Shine always and enjoy life!