Happy Birthday God Bless You

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Mom, happy birthday! You are my fantastic guardian angel. I will find the most beautiful roses for you; I will sing the most heartfelt songs in your honor. I will call on the help of heaven, may they endow you with longevity. I will give everything for you to shine with happiness!

May all the Earth flowers bloom today and smell in honor of you and your birthday, mammy! Our connection is unbreakable; it united us invisibly even before my birth. You alone feel my every step, worry for every tear, pray for my well-being. May your charm not fade, I will preserve the joy of your days and multiply happy moments!

Beloved, dear, beautiful, tender my husband, congratulations on your birthday! You are the best man in the world. I adore you, I appreciate you. All my thoughts and feelings revolve around you; You are my inspiration, life, and treasure. I thank God infinitely for sending you to me!

Guardian angel protects you from bullets and envious enemies. When you reach the top of your career growth, you don't lose any of your friends. Happy birthday!

On this bright day, you entered this world! I sincerely congratulate you. Accept my sincere wishes: good health and peace of mind. May the angels always guide you on the right path.

As a bird of God flutters carefree in the sky, not thinking about the bad, I wish you on your birthday light thoughts and soulful gatherings with family and friends! And may in the new day the Lord endow you with all that He wills, and you will sail carelessly on the waves of his infinite love!

May each day be filled with simple joys that remind us that God's grace is with us! Let the guardian angel overshadow life with its bright wings and cover it from all troubles. And let pious thoughts purify the soul and heart from all sorrow!

May the Mother of God protect you from sins and troubles with her protective cover! May the holy patrons of your birthday help keep the light in your soul at any moment of life, even in moments of sorrow! Let the sad moments be as few as possible in your life - let your guardian angel help you!

May the ringing of the heavenly bells be poured out on you on your birthday with inviolable health and beauty of the soul, unearthly love, and perishable human happiness!

I wish you to feel God's support in every case, in every step of life, in every breath! May every initiative of yours have a divine beginning! May there be no end to your faith, and it will give you confidence every day, hope for a better life. You will live righteously and happily!

I wish that all moments of your life be filled with spiritual meaning, permeated with the presence of perfection, and radiate great goodness and light! Happy birthday!

My earthly happiness, my dear wife, I am so lucky with you! You know, in general, I often thank the Lord, for such a gift, for you, for the fact that you are my wife! Happy birthday, I sincerely congratulate you. You are my miracle! I wish you all the best and want to create a paradise for you! After all, for me, you are an Angel. You are my happiness, and deserve only a bright life! I wish you that your heart will never be sad, and the soul sang! Happy birthday dear!

May the angel given to you by heaven to protect your soul be always near and help you to walk this life only in good ways! I wish you confidence in God's support at any moment of your life and firmness of spirit in any trials! God loves you! I want you to feel his love always!

I wish you pious friends, with whom you can do many good deeds! I want to the blessings of heaven for all your beautiful endeavors, for each of your days! May the angel of heaven guide you through life, instructing you in good deeds! May bliss live in your heart simply because there is the soul's life, and it is eternal!