Happy Birthday Dirty

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Happy birthday, strong nut and flawless handsome! I wish you that your male dignity never fails, that female society is always loving you, that your mood is relaxed and that your muse inspires you.

Dear friend, you were born on this day. Happy birthday to you! May your bed never be lonely, empty, and cold. Don't let your neighbors sleep with you, and let your friends call you a sex terrorist and envy you!

Friends, use the mattress correctly! Money - under mattress, women - on it!

Happy Birthday! Always please your mistresses. By long orgasms, you will merge into one loving whole. Nobody will interfere with your intimacy, and love will never pass without a trace.

On the great day of your birth, I sincerely wish you to relax, invite your favorite friends, drink intoxicating wine, have fun with everyone, lie in bed all night making love, and so that there were no long pauses between orgasms.

I want your life to be filled with all possible shades of gray,  sex to be safe, and your bed to be never empty.

According to statistics, a real healthy man thinks about sex at least twice an hour, let your day is not limited to dry statistics. Let all your thoughts materialize every day, giving you a charge of youth and cheerful mood. Happy birthday!

You are a fluffy cat! Happy birthday! Let your bed always remain warm from the passions and love boiling in it; let the pillow smell of women's perfume! I want to wish you a full purse and radiant smiles of sexy girls!