Happy Birthday David

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David, please accept my congratulations on your birthday! I wish you strength and development, that every day you conquer new heights, turn the word into action, and the goal into achievement. Good health, success, love, and an endless source of energy for life!

My beloved man, be outside the house incredibly strong as a tiger, fearless and confident, like a lion, and with me - wonderfully affectionate and infinitely gentle, like a cat! Happy birthday, David!

David, may your life always be bright and colorful! I hope that you will always be happy with me because all my love is for you only! I want you never to stop, go to new goals, and conquer the highest peaks!

Dear David, let the dawns bring you to hope and fill you with energy, my kiss adds confidence, the days rejoice with success, and events give harmony, let the star of good luck illuminate your paths leading to happiness and dreams! Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to you, David, the light of my eyes, autocratic lord! I wish the heroic strength in your body and gold coins in the chest. May your wisdom increase, and men's perseverance grows stronger and makes me happy every night!

I wish you to see only beauty in front of you, hear only pleasant words, feel only the tenderness and warmth of loved ones, and build a barrier for everything else, created from lasting happiness! Happy birthday!

David, let the birthday rush to you with the wind of joy and a sense of celebration, with a burst of optimism and smiles, make your life shine with the full spectrum of happiness: good health, great mood, spiritual harmony, and love! Congratulations!

Dear David, happy birthday! Life is a continuous geometry, remember this. Do not fall into love triangles, prove your point of view as a theorem, and give all your strength to never sharp corners in your friends' close circle!

From the bottom of my heart, I wish that in all aspects of your life order reigns and all dreams, even the most unreal, are easily fulfilled! May every moment bring you only luck, good mood, and many bright impressions, so that happiness always lives in your soul!

David, I want your life to be bright, like the magic rays of the sun! Let each day be filled with rainbow moments and colorful events! May our friendship only grow stronger every year, because you are very dear to me!

Wonderful friends like you need to be protected and listed in the Red Book! I wish you always to be a cheerful, self-sufficient, and happy person. Let everything you share with others come back to you with a considerable percentage!