Happy Birthday Baby

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Happy birthday, my baby! I need you, my child, more than anyone else. You are beautiful, smart, and a real charm! Happy birthday, baby!

A special day, a unique child, and a special holiday today. May all your dreams and desires, my child, come true in the coming year of life. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, my real little one! You always support me, when I am at the bottom of my soul. I hope that this special day will bring you luck, love, and fun. You deserve it!

Happy birthday, my baby! I hope this is the beginning of your most beautiful year. Allow me to hug you, my dear child. May all your goals, desires, and dreams come true. You deserve it. Hooray!

May your birthday be happy, may your life be filled with many sunny days! All the best to you, my child! Have a great day!

I wish you health, happiness, and prosperity, my baby! All your wishes come true. Everything should go well in the next year of your life. All the best and beautiful to you!

My dear child, today is your birthday! This is a wonderful holiday! You were born that day, and you are unique, just like unique each of us is in this world! I wish you the most beautiful, joyful, and happiest life! Happy birthday!

We sincerely wish you great happiness, good health and mood! Let dreams come true, and deeds end successfully! Happy holiday!

My dear baby, today, we heartily congratulate you on your birthday! Be happy, my beloved child! Let life smile at you, and regardless of age, remain cheerful! And, of course, health to you and festive mood! Happy birthday!

This day is yours, my baby! Today, everything will be just for you, my child! Fabulous dawn, a gentle breeze, and birds are chirping outside the window! You came into this world on this day, and the earth was very happy for you! Happy birthday!

Today is your birthday! I sincerely wish you all the best, happiness and health! May luck will always be on your side. Happy birthday, my child!