Happy 40th Birthday

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My dear sister, you deserve the most sincere and beautiful words, the most fabulous wishes and explicit love, the most devoted friends, and beautiful flowers! So let all this be with you. Happy 40th birthday!

My brother, thank you for the priceless and robust love you gave me! May all your successes and goals that you seek in life find you in an instant. Happy 40th birthday!

Happy 40th birthday, my dear brother! Thank you for making my childhood bright and memorable. I wish you all the best, my dear brother!

Happy 40th birthday, son! I wish you to be wise in difficult life situations, sensitive to loved ones, purposeful in achieving goals. Let destiny please you with new opportunities every day; so that there is no place for boredom and laziness in life!

We are lucky to find each other and build strong and harmonious relationships! May this incredible happiness remain with us forever. On your 40th happy birthday with joy, I wish you a thousand new victories and a vast number of achievements!

Let your 40th birthday shine with bright colors, give pleasant sensations and beautiful impressions! Be happy and endlessly loved! Always carry out your plans, reach heights, succeed, and be the first in everything!

Shine a beautiful smile like a star! Stay charming, like an exquisite flower. Be kind, like the sweetest fairytale princess! And let all the twists and turns of life remind you of the events of a surprisingly entertaining and beautiful story, in which you, my favorite niece, will be the main character! Happy 40th birthday!

My wonderful daughter, happy 40th birthday! On this joyful day, I wish you to become the best actress of your life and successfully play the most critical roles: a sensitive daughter, a wonderful mother, a mutually beloved wife, a beautiful, successful colleague, and just a wonderful woman!

Happy 40th birthday, my friend! Let everything in your life go as it should, never regret the past, and confidently build your future. Find a family that would support you in everything. Be healthy and happy!

My friend, happy 40th birthday! I wish you to fulfill your dream. May luck and success lead you to happiness and pleasure! Never deny yourself anything and get everything you want from life!

On your 40th birthday, may my greeting fly to you and awaken your smile and excitement, talents and luck, so that you, cheerful, confident, and loved, head to success, dreams, and happiness!