Happy 25th Birthday

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Happy 25th Birthday son from mom, to daughter, niece and nephew funny, happy quarter century birthday

Today is the 25th birthday of our princess! Sister, know that there is a miracle in each of us, and if you want, any wish can come true, so quickly make the most cherished! Today is a special day!

Happy 25th birthday, my little sister! You are our real little witch, so let your wishes always come true, toys never break, and candy never runs out!

My dear boy, the joy of my soul, let luck be a faithful friend in life so that she helps fulfill desires and achieve goals, so that mutual and great love, desired work and career, and countless happy, joyful moments break into your life!

Our native boy, be radiant by happiness! You are the endless cause of our laughter and the opportunity to see that joy and happiness are in you, in every moment next to you. Rejoice in each new day, make discoveries! Happy 25th birthday!

Happy 25th birthday, my niece! I want you always to feel the fullness of life! Let the heart be full of sincere feelings, the body filled with health, the house filled with loved ones' voices, and the wallet will always be full of crispy bills!

My favorite granddaughter, let the shining star fall from the sky into your hands and give you the fulfillment of dreams! And you remain a cheerful girl and feel like a fairy-tale princess, endowing everyone with the radiance of beautiful eyes and kindness of character! Happy 25th birthday!

My favorite daughter, like a ray of sunshine, you appeared in my life! I want all your dreams and hopes to come true in your life and you to receive a lot of warmth and love from your surroundings. I will pray for you and your well-being. Happy 25th birthday!

I wish you, grandson, that your destiny was like a ripe fruit, and you, tasting it, felt the sweetness of mutual love, the intoxicating aroma of true happiness, and the spicy taste of success. And let this food bring you an inspiration to achieve any goal set by you! Happy 25th birthday!

My friend, today you have become one year older! I want your life experience filled only with fun events, the most reliable and kind people! Happy 25th birthday!

On this beautiful day, I wish you, my friend, to be a fun person and always do your favorite things that bring a good income! May all your plans are easily carried out! I believe in you! The main thing - be healthy and confident! Rejoice in life, and go forward!

You are always with me in moments of joy and sorrow; you are my support and protection. I am sincerely grateful to you for that! I wish that your every day was filled with comfort, warmth, smiles of relatives, and the fire in my heart never went out. Happy 25th birthday, my boyfriend!