Happy 20th Birthday

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Happy 20th Birthday son from mom, to my daughter and niece funny, for nephew and granddaughter, for grandson and to son

My sister, smile wider, laugh louder, sing louder, dance, have fun, and infect everyone with your zest for life! May the companion in your life be a caring, faithful, and loving man! Happy 20th birthday!

You are the most amazing and inspiring man I have ever met! Thank you for your help and support in my life. I wish you to go through life boldly and confidently. Happy 20th birthday, my beloved brother!

My beloved, wonderful son, happy 20th birthday! I wish that every positive step of yours becomes a part of the high road to incredible happiness, passing through beautiful peaks of success, valleys of spiritual harmony, charming gardens of love, and warmth of parental support!

My son, let your eyes always shine with a smile, and all your thoughts are positive, let the changing fortune choose you so that you can quickly realize all your grand plans in real life. Be happy!

My dear and beloved son, happy 20th birthday! The best way of life for you - with victories and hopes! I want you to keep the child's crystal purity of soul for a long time, hope for a lucky chance, and gain wisdom and useful experience!

Happy 20th birthday, my dear niece! Be a free, white bird. Let the dream obsession help you fly to the top of happiness. I wish that your flight will be graceful and fast, and the flame of torment and resentment does not burn fragile wings. Be yourself, because even the highest walls will fall before charisma and talent!

My dear granddaughter, my joy, happy 20th birthday! I wish your life to be a stormy, endless ocean of joy and, as many grains of sand on its bottom, let you have so many happy days. May, the bright splashes of your successes and accomplishments sparkle and delight, may the waves of love and tenderness bring you inspiration and dreams that will surely come true!

Daughter, my love for you is immeasurable! I want your happiness to be boundless, and your heart to be filled with joyful moments, so your thoughts regularly generate new successful projects that will give you prosperity!

My beautiful daughter, let your life turn into an extravaganza of bright events when you understand - nothing is impossible. I wish any of your ideas to be successful. Your 20th birthday will be another milestone on the road to your victories - feel free to look ahead, and take only pleasant moments from the past.

Grandson, life is a huge battlefield, and I wish you to fight on the right side and win the main battle for happiness. May all your battles with destiny end in victory, and may you have an unchanging ally - fortune!

My faithful friend, I wish that your journey through life lasted more than a century, and there be a lot of desperate fun, selfless kindness, devoted love, and safe adventures. Happy 20th birthday!