Birthday wishes, text

Birthday wishes, text

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Happy birthday, Darling! May your day be filled with joy, pleasure, and vivid ideas. May your good humor always shine through and show in your smile. I hope faithful, loving, and happy friends always surround you.

Happy birthday, Darling! I wish that your tenderness, warmth, and kindness accompany you forever. You are my ray of sunshine. I hope you always rejoice in life as it becomes more and more beautiful. I believe that you will achieve all your goals, and every new milestone in your life will leave you feeling fabulous.

May your life be full of explosive enthusiasm, cheery laughter, fateful encounter, and happy moments. I hope your family and friends will support you at every moment and will always be there when you triumph and when you fall. Happy birthday, Darling!

Congratulations on a new chapter of life! Let this year surprise you with good news and bring back good memories from the past. I hope this year goes by like a fairy tale with a happy ending. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! I hope you will always be happy and stay the same beautiful, tender, and joyful woman as you are today. Let life give you no cause for tears, and fate bring you delightful surprises. May this year consist only of pleasures.

Happy birthday, Darling! Shine brighter than the sun, laugh louder than the birds singing and enjoy life every day. I am sure that this year will bring the most brilliant inspiration, the most delightful occasions, the most cheerful enthusiasm, and the happiest times. I hope you always stay the same wonderful, tender, funny, beautiful, and kind person.

It's one of my favorite days of the year because it's your birthday! May your next year be even happier and more joyful. I'm sure the sun will always shine in your soul.

Happy birthday! May this year bring your life as much success, cheerfulness, and joyful moments as you have brought to my life. I hope you achieve all your goals and always stay cheerful and fun. I send you joy and happiness, my dear.

Some years ago, this day became significant because you were born! Since then, one more beautiful flower has grown here, the most beautiful. You are a wonderful Girlfriend, and I am infinitely happy that we met. Happy birthday and may this year be the best.

Happy birthday to you, priceless man! I hope your life is filled only with the best, meaningful, kind, fiery, beautiful, cloudless, passionate, and happy days. Congratulations!

Happy birthday! May you always stay the same prosperous and fair person, and let fate not skimp on memorable, cheerful, and fun moments. I wish you a thousand profitable opportunities.

Happy birthday, Diamond Man! You are so independent and successful. You are a good man, and everyone admires you. What else could I wish you? I'm sure you are full of manly desires so let’s find the time and place to satisfy them.

On this beautiful day, the world got a wonderful, sensitive, elegant, attractive, eloquent, hard-working, charismatic, and genuinely gorgeous Man. Congratulations on your birthday! I wish you heroic health, extraordinary luck, unselfish friendship, and unrestrained happiness.