Birthday wishes for Niece, from Aunt

Birthday wishes for Niece, from Aunt

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I want you to be the richest Niece in the world. Not with furs, diamonds, and cars, but with healthy and obedient children, a loving and faithful Husband, loving parents, the youth of body and soul. Happy birthday!

Congratulations on your birthday, dear Niece! May you receive only the gifts you desire on this day, and may the words of congratulation be the most beautiful, romantic, and sublime.

Happy birthday, dear Niece! Today we want to relax and forget about work and household chores. Become amazingly beautiful, extraordinarily fashionable, young as spring, and happy as a child.

Happy birthday, my wonderful Niece! I wish for you a bouquet of joy and a box of happiness to celebrate in an atmosphere of love, beauty, and tenderness. May your heart be full of these the whole year through.

I send my birthday waves to you with bouquets, sparkles, and smiles. I greet you, my beloved Niece! May the luck in your life never end, may your deeds be victorious, your health bountiful, and your love reciprocated. Happiness and harmony to you!

Happy birthday, dear Niece! May your daily joy be brighter than all the Earth's flowers and your happiness higher than the leaves on the trees.

Let the butterfly of joy flutter around you today, dear Niece, Lady Luck looks in the window, and Mr. Success knocks on the door. May all closed-hearted people be added to these guests on your birthday, and may their hearts open!

Happy birthday! May it awaken your joy, inspiration, and hope. May it bring you sincere congratulations, warm words, smiles, pleasant surprises, and joyful excitement. May it give you excellent health and fulfill your dreams.

Happy birthday beloved Niece! May incredibly joyful events blossom in your life with a colorful pure rainbow, and happiness pour noisily on your head like cheerful, warm rain.

Happy birthday! I hope every stage of your life is an exciting journey. Go to it, leave pity and resentment in the past, and take a suitcase full of positive attitude and a backpack full of new ideas.

I wish you success and joy, dear Niece, fireworks of surprises and flowers. May the anniversary of your birth turn into a fabulously beautiful day, in which the best dreams come true!