Happy birthday Mary

Happy birthday Mary

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Mary, I wish you to be productive, generous, and noble so that others' sincere love helps you overcome every obstacle. Happy birthday!

Mary, you are beautiful and charming, like a Christmas holiday. I hope you always shine with a red star, bloom all year round like a tender aster, and charge everyone with cheerfulness and unshakable faith in unconditional happiness. Happy birthday!

The driving force of this girl is her selflessness. She is kind and gentle, cheerful and kind. All she needs is a big hug on her birthday so that she smiles from ear to ear. Happy birthday Mary!

Dear Mary, on this beautiful anniversary of your birth, I hope that Earth gives you confidence in your strength and helps in all your endeavors and plans. I wish you health and beauty, kindness and love every day of your life. Happy birthday!

Dearest Mary, I hope your birthday brings you a cheerful mood, good luck, and excellent health. May you have a day of exciting gifts, fun meetings, and champagne, lots of champagne. Happy birthday!

Mary, thank you for all the warmth and wisdom you have shared with me. I hope it all comes back to you tenfold. Happy birthday, Darling!

My dear Mary, today is your holiday. I want your happiness to last indefinitely, for you always to remain uniquely beautiful, and be continuously overwhelmed with love and joy. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to you, my dear Mary! I hope you never know trouble and evil in life, that every day brings joy, that your ship of happiness arrives full.

My dear Mary, I love you. May only good, faithful, and loving men come into your life, and may you be surrounded by kind and caring people. Happy birthday!

Thank you for appearing in my life. I wish you endless happiness, eternal health, and infinite love for many years to come. Happy birthday Mary!

Congratulations to a beautiful woman! You are our best example of a self-sufficient and successful woman. Thank you for all the knowledge you have given us. We appreciate and love you. Mary, may you always be happy and healthy.