Birthday wishes for girls

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You will become the cleverest, most beautiful princess. May you always be curious and restless, like all children. May all your dreams come true. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to the most beautiful and cheerful Girl in the world. I hope you enjoy this super special day with your friends and ask for anything. Your wishes will surely come true!

Happy birthday, our little angel. Grow big, make Mom happy, and fill your Dad's heart with pride!

Happy birthday, Princess! You are a beautiful Girl. May you always be happy and cheerful, and may your wishes come true!

Dear Beauty, congratulations on your birthday! You are a kind and polite Girl. May your parents always be proud of your success. You are a smart Girl.

Happy birthday, my dear little Girl. I hope you are always a sunny, beautiful angel, to please the hearts of your loved ones with your beautiful smile!

Happy birthday, sweet little Girl. I want you to be naughty and cheerful but obedient. You are the most beautiful, intelligent, kind, and happy Girl.

Dear Girl, you are the light of my life. I wish you sunny days, happy moments, faithful friends, and a long exciting life. Happy birthday!

How often will you stand at the crossroads, my Girl. But each time you do, allow the inner voice of kindness, honor, justice, and love to point in the right direction. Congratulations on your special birthday!

Naughty, jumping, lively Girl. You are one year older, my favorite star. Let kindness reign around you, as in a fairy tale, and your laughter, like a mountain stream, flow loudly. Happy birthday!

I wish you cosmic happiness and good luck, my little star. Girl, let your birthday be full of joy and full of smiles. May the path of your life turn into a broadway of luck and success. Happy birthday!

Dear Girl, you are growing up, so soon after, you were a small lump that brought joy to our family. May all children's dreams come true, and faith in miracles always live in your heart. Happy birthday to you!

My little angel, let this day be the happiest. Let the sun warm you with its rays. Be healthy and fill this world with goodness and light. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! I wish you the coolest toys, the most fashionable clothes, the funniest girlfriends, and the most wonderful hobbies. When I look into your pretty eyes, I forget all the bad things in the world.

Girl, on your birthday, I wish you a guardian angel who will always be with you, protect you, guard you, and rejoice in all your successes. May everything in your life turn out the best for you. Happy birthday!

Our Girl is glorious. Happy birthday! May you grow up healthy, thoughtful, and kind. Be joyful in business and cheerful with friends. Good luck learning all about the world. We love you and hug you tightly, our little one!

Happy birthday to you, my dear Girl. May you always be blessed with smiles and joy, gifts and sweets. May your days be like a fairy tale: kind, exciting, bright, and beautiful.

I wish you the most charming girl magic and fun on your beautiful birthday. Today will be just fabulous. I hope you laugh, have fun, eat treats, and receive the presents you want most. I wish you endless smiles and bright fireworks. Congratulations!

Our little Girl, today is such a beautiful day. On this day, you were born, and your parents gave me the great honor of being your Godmother, for which I am infinitely grateful. And I wish to thank you for all your kind words. You are as cheerful, kind, and sensitive as a ray of light. Let these lights burn inside you always. Happy birthday!

Your birthday has arrived. I remember you as such a little girl, and today you are celebrating your 15th birthday. I wish you happiness, fun times, and good luck. You are as fun and beautiful as always. Happy birthday to you!