Happy birthday, funny wishes; short greetings for friend, brother, sister, husband, boyfriend and son

Happy birthday, funny wishes; short greetings for friend, brother, sister, husband, boyfriend and son

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My dear Friend, congratulations! We hope that every day of your life will be like a holiday and you find the answers to all your questions. May all your decisions be correct and the latest iPhone in your pocket.

My dearest Brother, today is your birthday! I hope you go on vacation only to the most incredible resort. Always stay young at heart and roam like a youth.

I want you to have everything to complete your happiness! May your yacht be splendid and your credit card unlimited. Let there always be only the best food on your table with Chinese, American burgers, Spanish wine, and German sausages.

We have been waiting all year for your birthday! We wish you exciting journeys with shaded spots to rest. May you never grow old and your head never hurt in the morning. May Spring always be in your soul, your food taste salty and life sweet.

Birthday boy, don't get bored, meet up with your friends. We wish you fabulous wealth and unforgettable moments. We hope you often go to the bar with friends and drink well-aged single malt whiskey. May your beer always be cold and your heart warm. May your life never be dreary!

On this day, we are gathered here to celebrate your birthday! It seems that you already have all the most valuable and important things. I wish you to have an apartment in Madrid. May your teeth never fall out, your hair never turn gray, and your skin stay smooth.

Dear Friend, today is a big celebration for you. We wish you a trunk full of health in your red Ferrari. Let's drink cocktails and dance to good music all night long. May all your dreams come true and your life be as bright as a lightning flash. Happy birthday!

Accept our congratulations! We wish you a homemade tablecloth, on which will always be Italian pizza, Swiss chocolate, French croissants, and Scotch whiskey. We hope you find a genie who will fulfill all of your most cherished wishes.

Happy birthday Beautiful. I want you to be as free as a bird that flies through the vast expanse of love and life. I want you to be a kind and gentle nymph living in a beautiful fairy forest. I want you to be a powerful witch who can enchant anyone. I want you to be the best guardian angel for everyone dear to you. Let the book of your life be beautiful, fun, and endless, and you, everyone's favorite character!

Congratulations on your birthday, divine, beautiful, wonderful Woman! Please don't be a turtle; run like a gazelle on your life path. Please don't run away like a rabbit; hunt like a wolf. I love you.

Congratulations to you, the eternally young, beautiful, and lovely lady! We hope you always remain carefree and happy. May you always be enterprising and cheerful, climb to the peak of life and have the most incredible adventures on the way.

On this special day, I greet you from the bottom of my heart. I hope you climb all your inner mountains and break down all your fences while you are young. May life roll out a red carpet for you to stroll along. Please remember that other people's opinions don't matter and follow your inner Don!

This is a message from your best friend. I wish you excellent health, nerves of steel, and a whole bag of happiness. I hope that everything you want to will come to you and your life be a bright rainbow in the gray and rainy sky!

On your birthday, I wish you loyal friends and a family that always understands and supports you. I wish you pure and sincere love that lasts forever!