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Buddy, you are undoubtedly the head of your family. May life lead you towards happiness, love, luck, and wealth, and never change direction during your long and prosperous life. Happy birthday!

Big Buddy, I wish you all the best and a happy life. May all your dreams and desires come true. You are worthy of all the best because you are a faithful friend and a wonderful person!

Buddy, I send you unstoppable energy for the great deeds of your life. Be firm in your beliefs and confident in what you do. Let there be a place for romance in the whirlwind of important events. Happy birthday to you!

May your birthday give you a fountain of luck and many happy moments, Buddy. I wish you excellent health, boundless love, and sunny days!

Today is an excellent opportunity to remind you how much I appreciate you, Buddy. Stay strong and positive. You know it’ll all work out well. I wish you good health and loads of energy!

Buddy, may your birthday be celebrated in a deluge of wishes, a flood of toasts, an avalanche of hugs, and a shower of gifts. I hope you get drunk from love and attention, pleasure and happiness, and that you are always satisfied with life and yourself. Congratulations!

Buddy, I hope you become a professor of fortune at the University of Life, successfully present your dissertation on "How I got Rich," and become a certified specialist in women’s hearts. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, Buddy! May every day be better than the last, and life bring you heroic health, total optimism, enormous success, and dreams that come true one after another!

Buddy, congratulations on your birthday! May you always be healthy, strong, and prosperous. Let all your wishes come true. I'm glad you're my friend.

Buddy, today is your day! I want you to celebrate it with the people closest to you at the most fabulous party. Forget your worries, and have fun from the heart; accept flowers, gifts, and warm words. May your birthday be unforgettable!

Let this day hold you in its magical embrace, listen to all your wishes, and fulfill them with creativity. I hope you are ready for a hurricane of joy, don't try to run; simply surrender. Happy birthday, Buddy!