Birthday wishes, male and female, for her and him

Birthday wishes, male and female, for her and him

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My dear Friend, you are a wonderful person. I hope your life fills with people as cheerful and kind as you. May you be happy in love, your career, and your every endeavor. You deserve it. Happy birthday!

Congratulations, my Friend. I hope your birthday will be an excellent springboard to take you to new heights in life. May all the joy you give to others always come back to you like a boomerang!

My sweet Girl, congratulations on this beautiful day! It seems like only yesterday you were playing with your toys, and today - you are a year older, on your way to being a grown-up. May you always be happy and content.

You are everything a Niece could be. I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart. Darling, I wish you great humor, business success, joyful surprises, and truckloads of happiness. The world is your oyster!

Happy birthday, darling Daughter! You have grown up, but you never cease to please us. May your life be full of happy moments and success crown all your endeavors.

Happy birthday, Brother! I wish you superb strength and prosperity. You are a winner. May your insight and kindness be your constant guides. May love and faithful friends always be nearby. I wish you a bright and prosperous future for you.

Your wise support and kind advice make my life completely independent of the cataclysms that sometimes happen around me. You are a strong shield from all adversity. Thank you for the kindness and strength of character, Dad. May you always have plenty of energy and good health. Happy birthday!

My wonderful, brave, energetic Man, my Husband, the years run by relentlessly. They leave such beautiful memories of time spent with you. May there be as many of them as possible and every one, bright and positive. With a bit of luck, we'll have more vacations, fewer disappointments, and more sunny days. May all our dreams come true!

My dear mum, you, more than anyone else in this world, have earned happiness; may it be with you always. I wish you good health, youthful vigor, joyful moments, and beautiful adventures. May you always be lucky and loved. May you live in harmony with the world for many, many years. Happy birthday!

My ray of light, my planet, my Sister, happy birthday to you! You are the most beautiful person. You are still young, yet you have already won many hearts with your charm. May you grow big and strong, happy and healthy.

My precious diamond, my Son, you are so courageous. I am proud of you. I am sure that love and happiness will fill your life. I wish you self-confidence, good luck, and great success wherever you go!