Happy 12th birthday

Happy 12th birthday

I wish you health and happiness, Brother! Congratulations on your 12th birthday; I hope your whole life is as wonderful as today.

Darling Niece, may you always shine with happiness and never be sad. Remember, the whole world is yours. Happy 12th birthday!

Happy 12th birthday, my glorious Nephew! I hope you always retain your optimism and never lose your strength of spirit and cheerful mood.

My dearly beloved Granddaughter, happy 12th birthday! May your everyday be filled with care, love, admiration, support, and joy.

Dear Sister, you are the greatest joy in my life. I hope you are always happy and never know grief. Happy 12th birthday!

Dear Friend, congratulations on your 12th birthday! I hope your eyes always shine with happiness, and love burns in your heart. Let life pamper you with pleasures.

Dear Daughter, happy 12th birthday! Live, love, rejoice every day, shine, and be happy. I love you.

Beloved Son, you are a real man. May your 12th birthday be the cause of brilliant smiles and beautiful dreams!

My dear Grandson, congratulations on your 12th birthday! I want you to be strong and healthy, wise and prosperous, happy and loved.

You are the best guy in the whole wide world. I am always warm when you are in our apartment. Happy 12th birthday and good luck!

Today my neighbor is celebrating his 12th birthday. From the bottom of my heart, I wish him all the best. May tears of joy flow on his face. I want cheerful music to always play in his house. May there be an eternal spring in his life!